About Us
The next generation in sequential events recording.

4g Technologies was formed by a group of industry professionals with a desire and commitment to bring today's technology into a section of the market which is not well served by the current suppliers. Utilizing the expertise of the 4g team, we seek to provide products designed with today's technology into such market areas as Power Generation and Transmission, Substation Automation and Process Control. Our products and services and initially included event recording and alarming as well as information processing for failure analysis.

The current team members bring a broad range of experience in such disciplines as hardware and software development, system integration, business development and product and sales management. This team represents one hundred and fifty years of industry experience.

Formed in 2003, the two founding partners of 4g visualized, developed, funded and immediately began development on "The next generation of sequential events recording". The original program remains on schedule with development and product introductions into the marketplace at regular intervals. Our first two products were introduced domestically in 2003 with deliveries beginning in 2004. Internationally, the products were introduced in 2006 with deliveries in 2007. See the FAQ section for more information.

Who is 4g?
4g Technologies is a design, manufacturing and sales company founded in 2003 in suburban Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

What products are offered by 4g?
The company began in 2003 with market research, product design and test of its new product line tagged as The Next Generation of Sequential Events Recording™. Initially, 4g's product offering was broken down into two groups and has recently been expanded into four. The first group consisted of a line of Sequential Event Recorders (SER or SOE) for new or retrofit SER installations, including a SER Web Interface for existing event recorders. The second product grouping included serial and contact annunciators for new and retrofit projects, highlighting 4g's Virtual Graphic Annunciation™. The third group focuses in related fields such as Digital Fault recording (DFRs), Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), GPS Time Clocks and Traveling Wave Fault Location. The fourth group focuses on Technical Service for 4g products as well as certain 3rd party equipment installed in the field.

Due to the relationships we developed and maintained with customers, representatives and suppliers in the industry going back to the mid1980s with Beta Products and then Hathaway, we naturally progressed into other arenas. In 2004, 4g began providing service and support for a number of customers with their plant alarm systems, including SOE and annunciation panels.

In 2005, 4g added two areas of business. In working with plant engineering departments, 4g undertook multiple reverse engineering projects (power supplies, logic assemblies, re-flash annunciators and related sub-assemblies) supporting the needs of nuclear, hydro and fossil power plants. Additionally, we began providing spare parts for a number of products no longer supported by the original manufacturer. All products supplied in this arena are fit-form-function compliant with the OEM.

In 2007, 4g introduced its' new VgA (Virtual graphic Annunciator) for use in power generation and process plants. The VgA fits well for either a new or retrofit project.

In 2010, 4g signed an Agreement with a leading international instrumentation manufacturer to private label and market their products in North America. This expands 4g's product offering primarily into the power transmission market.

What services are offered by 4g?
By virtue of the technology employed in the 4g products, several services are offered. These include the traditional telephone technical support, installation and on-site service as well as factory based diagnostic, troubleshooting and firmware updates via Ethernet ftp. In addition, 4g can provide technical support, repairs, spare parts and field service on several third party manufacturer annunciators and event recorders. Consult a local sales representative or a 4g sales/service associate for more information and pricing.

What products or services are ahead for 4g?
Focusing on our current markets we will continue to add features such as protocol and industry standard language support and enhancements to our current products while continuing to evaluate and support the needs of our customers and the market.